The best way to invest - lots in Playa Las Lupitas Teacapan.

Discover why invest in an area of Playa las Lupitas is an excellent opportunity.

The region of Teacapan economic boom.

Currently being developed in this area by the government fedaral through FONATUR, CIP (Integrally Planned Center) called "Playa Espiritu". This is creating a planned city in urban planning, focusing on quality tourism as at the time they were Cancun, Huatulco, Los Cabos, etc.

See Ministry of Tourism.

CIP (Integrally Planned Center).
Playa Las Lupitas Teacapan.

The location of these CIP'S are chosen by FONATUR, after exhaustive studies of the various regions of the country; this shows the trust and pontencial the federal government found in this area.

See Fonatur.

Gobierno del Estado